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Saiz Basic – dvojitá pumpa na bradavky...

Do you like nipple stimulation and do you want to increase the sensitivity of your nipples? Then this nipple pump is perfect for you! The nipple pump is very easy to use. Place the cups on your nipples and use the squeeze ball to pump. A vacuum is created in the cups and that has a sucking effect on your nipples. The blood supply to your nipples is increased, making them bigger and more...

37,95 € S DPH

Saiz Basic – pumpa na klitoris (priehľadná-čierna)

Increase the size and sensitivity of your clitoris with this SAIZ clitoris pump! By creating a vacuum in the cup, the pump makes sure your clitoris will swell and become more sensitive. The pump has a squeeze ball, making it very easy to use. The cup is transparent so you can keep an eye on the progress. The squeeze ball has an air release valve so you can lift the vacuum at any time.

27,95 € S DPH

Saiz Basic – pumpa na sanie vagíny (priehľadná-čierna)

Do you want even more sensitivity and stimulation? Then go for the vagina pump from the SAIZ collection. Place the cup over your vagina and use the squeeze ball to create a vacuum in the cup. Because of the increased blood flow, the vagina will swell and feel more sensitive. You can simply lift the vacuum again with the air release valve. Clean the cup well after use with toy cleaner or mild...

29,95 € S DPH